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Frequently asked questions about So Beautiful

What services to you provide and how much are they?


Sr. Pictures

$65.00 / 1 hour

Prom Application

$65.00 / 1 hour


$100.00 / 1 hour ~ $60.00 each additional hour

Wedding (Bride only) application

$100.00 / 1 hour

Staying for wedding pictures

$60.00 each additional hour

Wedding Party                        (MOB /  Bridesmaids)

$30.00 / per person ~             (arrive with foundation on)

Family Portraits

$100.00 per hour

Photo shoots

$75.00 initial application per model

Staying for shoot

$50.00 per hour                       (after initial application per model)

Theatrical Applications

$110 and up / Quotations will be provided

What states do you provide service in?

For now So Beautiful is only providing service within the state of Iowa.

Is there tax on your service and how much?

For service provided by So Beautiful there will be 6% sales tax for the state of Iowa.

What makes So Beautiful different from other makeup specialists?

What sets So Beautiful apart from other makeup specialists is that instead of you needing to come to us we come to where you need us (such as your home, a pageant, church for your wedding, etc.).

How much experience does your artist have?

At So Beautiful our artists have a combined total of experience of 28 years.

How may someone contact customer service?

You can contact us at, also at 515-555-1212 or any other related questions can be found under the So Beautiful contact us web page.

How will I pay for my service at So Beautiful?

All payments will be made though PayPal.

What will I need to do set up an account on PayPal to pay for the service?

Under Pay Pal you will need to create an account at the Pay Pal web site by inputting your personal information and credit card number.  Pay Pal will be responsible for your personal and credit card information and it will be secure. So Beautiful will not have any of your personal account information and you can be a sure that your in the best of care.

What if have an issue with the service that So Beautiful has provided?

See So Beautiful’s Term and Conditions page.  

What do I need to do to change or cancel my appointment?

Please contact the artist you are contracted with.

This is a class project.  Do not buy from this web site!

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